I became a patron at the end of the month, why did I not get the STL files I want?

You probably joined at the end of the month

Unfortunately, you instead got billed for next month's release. For example you joined on June 30 and you only want to get the June content, but you were not able to pledge on time before the month ended. The content you will get will be based on the month you were subscribed on.

We can give you last month's content even if you joined at the last minute of the month. Only if the billing record appears like this. For example you joined on July 31, and you want to get the July files. Since the billing history shows you joined on July 31. We will provide you the July Content.

Another instance we will give you last month's content is, if you get double charged due to system time difference issue. Since technically you became a patron for example at the last day of July, unfortunately, the system charged you two times. You will now get last month's and the current month's releases.