Creatures of the night Kickstarter

November 15 - 28, 2022

Creatures of the night minis

Count Morgenstern, The Beast itself (60mm Base)

Lady Anastasia Of the Night. (60mm Base)

Mistress Anyanka the sadistic. (40mm Base)

Hamelin, the sewer King. (60mm Base)

Verne, the Necromancer. (32mm Base)

Verne, the Necromancer.

Isnael, The eternal King of the undead. (32mm Base)

Hell Bats, creatures of the night (40mm Base)

Vampire Bats, creatures of the night (50mm Base)

Squeleton Command Group (25mm Base)

Squeleton Warriors (25mm Base)

Squeleton Archers (25mm Base)

Undead Wolves 60x35mm Base)

Kickstarter Deliverables:

  • Count Morgenstern x 1 (60mm Base)

  • Lady Anastasia x 1 (60mm Base)

  • Mistress Anyanka x 1 (40mm Base)

  • Hamelin x 1 (60mm Base)

  • Verne Necromancer x 1 (32mm Base)

  • Isnael Undead King x 1 (32mm Base)

  • Hell Bats x 3 (40mm Base)

  • Vampire Bats x 3 (50mm Base)

  • Squeleton Command Group x 3 (25mm Base)

  • Squeleton Warriors x 5 (25mm Base)

  • Squeleton Archers x 5 (25mm Base)

  • Undead Wolves x 10 (60x35 Base)

*All of these are Digital STLs*

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